Do Your Hair a Favor

Blogger, Negin Mirsalehi, has the best hair hands down. After thousands of questions asking her how she achieved hair nirvana, I assume, she blessed us with the ultimate gift: a haircare line. If you’re not excited yet, go check out her Instagram.

So far she has launched three products under the name Gisou. I’ve only used two, but those two products are working miracles on my dry, overprocessed tresses. The honey-infused Hair Oil, using honey from her family farm in the Netherlands, makes my hair look twice as thick and feel at least five times as soft (not to mention I now have virtually no split ends, and my last trim was four months ago). Crazy side note, I’ve been using it daily for almost 7 months now and I’m not even half way through the bottle. The heat protectant infused with propolis is just as good; and I’m really looking forward to testing out the texturizing wave spray. Pricy, sure. Worth it? Definitely.

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